Bev and Robyn Lloyd
We can honestly say that Maison Charvin has lived up to and actually exceeded our expectations. We chose Entrevaux (for a 6 month stay) because it was a small, medieval village in the alps, far enough away from the overcrowded French Riviera but close enough to visit, close to Italy and close to Nice airport.

Ilze Frank
The local people were very friendly and our attempts at speaking French were well received and indulged. The accommodation proved spacious and comfortable. There was plenty to do in and around Entrevaux by foot and by train.

Don and Jeannette Box
Arrived late afternoon after along day on the road … and after our first glimpse of the village were instantly captivated…and moved in to exactly what we hoped we were coming to. The house is surprisingly big; lovely airy rooms and well appointed. The area has been wonderful to explore. The local scene we found charming and friendly. A great place, lovely accommodation and nice people. Our group from Melbourne, Sydney and Darwin were all impressed and thoroughly recommend Maison Charvin and Entrevaux to anyone prepared to make a little effort.

Tantau family
A thoroughly enjoyable week for the four of us-plenty to see and do around Entrevaux. The accommodation here at Maison Charvin has been most comfortable and has had everything we needed.

Stalley, Tostevin and Darley
We arrived by train from Nice and found Maison Charvin and the village all we had hoped for. We have been so happy and comfortable in the last 2 weeks. Thankyou Felicite for your help and friendliness.

Sally Oakes and Shane Hartney and children
A wonderful place to stay-our children loved the house, the French friends they made through soccer and the village.I would thoroughly recommend this house to anyone wanting accom that is comfortable, family friendly and not on the regular tourist itinerary. Thankyou for your friendly and helpful service.

Rosie Hartney (10 yrs)
This is one of my favourite places we have stayed at. It is like a light house! I wish we lived here. We made friends in the park.

Dear Jill and Paul

What a wonderful place! We had such a good time and would like to return to your wonderful
maison. The maison was great, the village was great, the people were lovely, the countryside
was memorable and the weather was great. What more could one ask for? Thanks for calling us
on arrival - I was a bit tired as we had been on the move for a couple of weeks with our
paddling around Gallipoli.

The experience was something I will never forget and I can see why you fell in love with
Entrevaux. It is so unspoilt and living in Maison Chavrin made you feel like you were
actually part of the village and its wonderful history.

Thank you for the experience.









Maison Charvin Entrevaux France