Maison Charvin    
Our holiday house is centuries-old, restored and with modern comforts, in the heart of an historic, walled medieval village. Entrevaux is listed as one of 'the most beautiful villages in France'.  
Entrevaux, Haute Provence, France  
SouthView FrontDoor PorteRoyale

Entrevaux sits on a pyramidal outcrop of limestone

The front door of Maison Charvin

Porte Royale, the fortified entrance to the village


Nice and the Côte d'Azur are one hour to the south and the snowfields of Valberg-Beuil are just to the north. There is a regular rail service on the famous 'Le Train des Pignes' rail line.

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Arrived late afternoon after along day on the road … and after our first glimpse of the village were instantly captivated…and moved in to exactly what we hoped we were coming to...

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Maison Charvin Entrevaux France